Summer Dress

Hey guys! I went home for the weekend of Labor Day so I got to do a fashion post! Yay! Today was such a nice day outside, so I just wore a little cute summer dress. This was my second time wearing this dress and I got it over 2 years ago lol. I love … Continue reading Summer Dress


Mom Jeans

Hi guys! I hope your starting off August well!Today is just a casual look that you can wear anywhere. I always pair a bodysuit and high waisted jeans together.I actually got these pants from Goodwill, who doesn't like to thrift shop?!?. I went to the boys section and got a pair of big pants and … Continue reading Mom Jeans

July Favorites

It's already the end of July ?!? Next month I'll be headed to college. I move in my dorm in 1 week... time flies!Here are my top 3 favorite fashion post this month! 1. Red and White Stripes 2. Sunshine3. Maxi Skort Romper Go ahead and check them out!


Hello!Today was the type of weather where you just want to throw on a nice, cool dress and go!One of my favorite summer dresses! The off the shoulders gives it a playful look and it's very comfortable. No accessories neededDress: New York & CompanySandals: Shoe Dept.

Cool Blue

Hey guys!Today was such a beautiful day, not too hot and not too cold. It was a perfect day! I just wore a nice simple outfit to match this nice weather.Super comfortable for a day of walking.. which I did!Pants: Shop 17 (I believe)Wedges: PaylessHalter Crop top: Forever21Halter Crop tops are such nice tops to … Continue reading Cool Blue


Hello bloggers! Today I just have a simple summer outfit. Cute and comfortable. I call it the Barbie outfit because of the pink and white, obviously. I love these white linen pants so much. I found a really cute boutique in Miami, Fl (where I got these pants) they had so many cute things I … Continue reading Barbie


Hey guys! While in Miami, Fl I did a little shopping of course lol.  We stopped by the store "Guess" , I really don't shop there but I think they have really cute accessories. I saw this cute little purse and immediately fell in love!  This is such a cute purse I just had to … Continue reading Guess