Hi guys! Today I'm going to show you the primer I use for my everyday makeup! So I love this primer so much. I honestly didn't think it was going to work or I wouldn't see a difference when I bought this but It definitely does work! It makes your foundation go on soo smooth … Continue reading Primer 

Kylie’s Highlight 

Hey guys! So yesterday I got asked to prom! By my boyfriend of almost 2 years of course, this will be our second prom together. He got me Kylie's new Highlight, the Chocolate Cherry one. I can't wait to use it, it looks so Beautiful!

Face Wash 

There are a lot of face washes out there you can use. Some works better for others but I'm going to tell you which one I like the most.  Clearasil, I use clearsil when I start to break out really bad. After a day of washing your face with this twice, your breakout will be … Continue reading Face Wash 


So I'm sure you guys have seen the "Dot" trend recently. It's just a simple dot under each eye.  So simple but creates a whole new look. I decided to give it a try myself... It actually gives a little edginess to your face. All I used was a black eyeliner pencil.

Winged out

The other day I got really bored and decided to do some Makeup! I did this cool eyeshaodw wing. I used tape to get that perfect wing even though it's still not perfect haha. One eye always turns out better than the other. I used both of my Kyshadow Holiday Palette and Kyshadow Burgundy Palette.