Hey guys, i hope you had a wonderful day! This week is going to be stressful for me, it's finals week! I'll be posting old looks that i have not gotten the chance to blog about. This weekend i will be blogging fresh looks though ! I love this ruffled blouse so much! It's from … Continue reading Ruffled



Happy Black Friday! I did just a little shopping today at the outlets. I wore a very chic / professional look today. I actually got my sweater and pants from New York and Company when they were doing a sale last week, this is my first time wearing it! Pants: New York and Company Sweater: … Continue reading Mustard

Move in Day !!

Yesterday I officially moved in my to my dorm! I didn't have time to do a post yesterday so I'm doing today.It was such a long day but I'm finally here and settled down. My roommate and I have been friends since the first grade!My mother, grandma and uncle helped me moved in.North Carolina Central … Continue reading Move in Day !!

Mom Jeans

Hi guys! I hope your starting off August well!Today is just a casual look that you can wear anywhere. I always pair a bodysuit and high waisted jeans together.I actually got these pants from Goodwill, who doesn't like to thrift shop?!?. I went to the boys section and got a pair of big pants and … Continue reading Mom Jeans

July Favorites

It's already the end of July ?!? Next month I'll be headed to college. I move in my dorm in 1 week... time flies!Here are my top 3 favorite fashion post this month! 1. Red and White Stripes 2. Sunshine3. Maxi Skort Romper Go ahead and check them out!