Kylie Cosmetic Brushes

Hey guys!

If you noticed recently I have been showing you guys alot of my makeup! Today I’m going to show you my Kylie Cosmetic Brushes.

This is what they look like when they’re brand new and not used.

And here are mine. I’ve had them for a while now, since December. My mom got me the Holiday Kyshadow Palette for Christmas and the Brushes came with them!I like the cute little brush bag it comes with, comes in handy. My bag is a little dirty haha, the eyeshadow from my Brushes rubs off on the bag.These Brushes are really good and soft. I love to use the blending Brushes, they work really well. I love all the cosmetics from her makeup line! And I only use these Brushes with the Kyshadows lol.

Have you tried Kylie’s Cosmetic Brushes?


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