Favorite Drug Store Foundations

Hey bloggers! How’s your day going?

Today I will share with you my favorite drug store Foundations and maybe you will share yours with me!

I love Maybelline Foundations, they have me exact shade! These foundations don’t  break me out or give me rashes. They all go on nice and smooth with good coverage. I have yet to find another drug store foundation that works this well for me and has my shade.

 I use the Matte + Poreless foundation when I’m having a oily face day or when I’m going to be out all day so my face won’t get shiny at the end of the day.
I use the Dewy + Smooth foundation when my face is a little dry. It’s better to use this foundation during the cold days because it is shiny/dewey

And then the Foundation Stick. I like to use the foundation stick when I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. It’s good for any day of the year and doesn’t get shiny at the end of the day.

My perfect shade is 355 Coconut!

What’s your favorite drug store foundation?!


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