Remember on yesterday’s blog Furr I had an outfit on and said it could actually be two different outfits? Well I’m going to show you the second outfit I created.

It’s more of a chill look, when you just want to put on clothes and go but still want to look cute. Effortless outfit. 

I have the same shirt, boots, and jeans on from the look on yesterday’s post ( taken on same day) but all I did was take the coat off and tied a shirt around my waist! FurrrTying a plaid shirt around your waist has always been trendy and I love it, it creates a little edginess. I love how this shirt has spaghetti straps but slightly goes off the shoulders.

Top: Express

Jeans: Abercrombie 

Plaid Shirt: Tjmaxx

Belt: Tjmaxx

Boots: Rack Room


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