30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 28


HA what you all been waiting for. Okay so remember on day 6 I said I was afraid of the dark? Welll… lol. 

A long time ago when I was like 10, me and my older brother use to watch scary videos on YouTube in the dark. We were in the middle of watching a scary video and then all of sudden… I had to use the restroom (number 2) We were in the living room and the closes bathroom was all the way down the hall, it was very dark. So I was dancing around trying to hold it in LOL and then I just came to the conclusion that I would just go in the trash can in the kitchen LOLL. That’s exactly what I did, I rushed to the trash can and went in it. that’s how afriad of the dark I was. I’ll never forget that moment lol.


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