Turtle Neck

Hey guys! Today my mom and I had a lot of stuff to do.

 It was quite warm but had a few breezes then and there sometimes so I chose to wear a turtle neck just so I didn’t need a jacket to wear when it got breezy.

The turtle neck actually zips on both sides of collar which is cool. I wore distressed light-wash jeans so I wouldn’t look so formal and business like haha.

Turtle Neck- Express

Bag- Aldo

Boots- Express

Jeans- Abercrombie 

Belt- TjMaxx

The belt buckle also matches the buckle on my boots.



7 thoughts on “Turtle Neck

  1. If only you knew.... says:

    Looks great, love that you are wearing a turtleneck, many girls stray away from them, they can be a bit risky to your usual style if you don’t know how to wear them right. Obviously you do! Good job taking risks, such great fashion can come from risks. I love the outfit from head to toe, but I’m really liking your bag.

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