Feeling blue

Today I decided to play around with some different eyeshadows. I usually on stick to atleast 7 colors im comfortable with using, more neutrals. So I stepped out my comfort zone today.  

I didn’t pay any attention to the blue eyeshadow that was on my Kyshadow Holiday Palette.  It’s actually a really beautiful color and very pigmented. I used the blue (Winter) and brown (Silent Night) I applied the brown to my eyelid first and then shaded/blended the blue around it. And I also shaded my bottom eyeline with the blue as well.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation-any local drug store/Holiday Palette-KylieCosmetics.com/NYX Primer– Ulta/ Essence Masacra- Ulta/ Eyebrow Powders- Amazon/ Victoria’s Secret Gloss- Victoria’s Secret 

I applied some highlight to the tip and bridge of my nose.I lightly shaded in my eyebrows.


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