Sweater Weather 

Hey guys! Today I had to go to my school to take my senior cap and gown pictures, So exciting right?! I know they turned out great. So much closer to actually graduating highschool. Even though I am an early graduate, it’s not official until I get my diploma 🙂

Okay so the requirement was to wear a black v-neck for the pictures so your shirt won’t show while your wearing the gown. But wearing just a black shirt was just too boring and plain to me ,so I tucked it into my jeans and put a open sweater on over it. And boom, you get a comfortable looking outfit, plus the boots of course ! Super causal and cute!

I actually got this sweater in a Large because who doesn’t like over-sized sweaters!? It’s sooo comfortable 

Sweater- Forever 21

Suede Boots- Express

Jeans- Abercrombie 

Black V-Neck- Gap

On such a nice day like this, this outfit was perfect.


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