Just Right

Don’t you just love when the weather is not too cold and not too hot? Today was just that, Perfect weather. I brought my army green trench along with me to block the wind chills when it got breezy sometimes.

I love this blouse so much. I always tuck it in to my pants because its so long, it looks much more sophisticated  when you tuck it in though

My bag matches the color of the pattern on my blouse, that’s why I chose to wear it today.

I wore dark-washed blue jeans and my black suede boots that I love so much!


Trench- Abercrombie

Blouse- Express

Jeans- Abercrombie

Bag- New York & Company

Suede Boots- Express


Its good to get a different background for my outfits instead of my living room all the time haha. I never have anyone to take the pictures and I’m always home on the weekday because I graduated high school early. Thank god my boyfriend said he’ll help out on the weekends.



Every color in my outfit correlates to the colors in my blouse which makes the outfit look well put together.





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