Cut Crease Try #2

Hey! So remember yesterday when I did my first cut crease and said I would probably do it again later this week? Well, I decided to do it today!

This time instead of putting the tape closer to my eye I did a more wide angle to get the wing effect more. Also, I winged out the crease more instead of the rainbow look I did yesterday.img_2538 And I used different eyeshadow colors and a purple eyeliner along my bottom eye this time. Everything else I did the same as yesterday. If you want to read step by step on what I did and what products I used, go to my blog and search “Cut Crease” there you will find everything!

This is just to show you the results. It still needs a little bit more work but hey, I’m getting better!












makeup everywhere!



6 thoughts on “Cut Crease Try #2

      • Caro says:

        I’ll swear by them too – any time I’m doing speed work or super long runs (2+ hours). I’ll be doing 8 x 800s at lunch today and will be wearing them. I have really tight calves and find compression socks do help with that and help keep my legs feeling looser longer. Oh yeah, training for an April matharon/base building for my first half ironman in August.


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