Cut Crease

Hey bloggers! So today I decided to try out a cut crease look. This was my first time so its not that perfect but I am still very pleased with the results since it was my first time! My cut crease is almost like a rainbow haha but I think it looks cool. I will probably  do another one later this week so stay tuned for that one 🙂 To start off with the cut crease I put a piece of tape on each side of my eye so when I applied the eyeshadow it would be a nice sharp edge. I blended in the eyeshadows that I used on the top of my eyelid, and then made the crease with a concealer and used a glitter eyeshadow.fullsizerender-30 I did a natural eyebrow like always but this time I put concealer along the bottom of it and applied highlighter on the little space between my eyeshadow and brow. Something new I tried today. I put on my liquid foundation of course and I applied a light pink lipstick on. The pink lipstick make my lips more plump than they already are.







NYX Primer- Ulta/ Eyebrow Powders- Amazon/ Maybelline Liquid Foundation- any local drug store/ Pink Topaz Mineral Gloss- Ulta/ Essence Mascara- Ulta



Eyeshadow Palette- Ulta

First row, Last one/ Second row, 8 over






Kyshadow Holiday Palette-

First row, Second over.





Bronzer/ Highlight Palette- Ulta. Third over

















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