Simple yet Chic

One thing I love to wear is sweaters! Sweaters are so comfortable and you can make any outfit look so much better with one. This is a very simple yet chic look and I love it. I would normally wear this sweater with my beige trench coat, but unfortunately it hasn’t been cold enough for it lately. This is a slim sweater. I love the color of it because it compliments my skin tone very well. It’s also comfortable, soft and a little long. fullsizerender-6
The sweater came with a detachable white collar but I like it much better without it. Because of how long the sweater is I tucked in to my pants and it created a whole new look!

My bag is my statement piece. The vibrant purple really gives color to my outfit and stands out from the neutral colors I have on. I love this little bag, it holds everything I need! Not only is it fashionable but its also durable.

These are dark wash jeans that are very slim. I get my jeans from Abercrombie because they fit me very well. Its always a struggle for me to find jeans that fit me well just because I’m very short and slim.

I have on black suede knee-high boots. The boots makes the outfit look  more cozy. fullsizerender-9

Sweater- The Limited

Jeans- Abercrombie

Bag- New York & Company

Boots- Shoe Dept.




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