Soft Shimmer

So the other day I decided to really try out my new eyeshadow palette ( Holiday  Palette/ Kyshadow) I got for Christmas! Let me tell you this first, this palette is very pigmented and the colors last all day. The eyeshadow is also easy to blend and looks great on my skin tone. I did a soft look using the dark colors, I used 3 different eyeshadow colors . I put the silver shimmery eyeshadow in the corner of my eyelid to create a softer look. and the shimmery brown I used on my eyelids I also aligned on the bottom of my eyes. Remember always blend when using different color eyeshadows. img_1073For my eyebrows I just shaded them in and sculpted. I put on two different kinds of foundation, a foundation stick first and a dewy smooth liquid foundation. My face felt a little dry so that’s why I used the liquid foundation after I used the foundation stick. And for my lips a light pink lipstick.










First thing first is primer!

NYX Primer- Ulta

Eyebrow Powders- Amazonimg_1356

Holiday Palette Kyshadow-

First row, second color

Second row, first color

Third row, first color

**Only get it from if not it may not be Authentic! **

Maybelline Foundation- any local drug store

Essence Mascara- Ulta

Pink Topaz Mineral Lip Gloss- Ulta









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