Hey! Today is my first post about beauty! img_1255

I call this look the ‘Chocolate’ look. The colors I used for my eyeshadows were primarily brown, just different shades. I used 3 different eyeshadow colors to create this look. The key to using different eyeshadow colors is to always blend! For my eyebrows I did a natural  look, something I do daily. I recently just started doing my eyebrows like this and I like it way better than how I use to do it. I use to do the “Instagram brows” and it took forever to do. With these eyebrows it takes a minimum of 2 minutes to do! I have very thin eyebrows so I just shade them in and sculpt.  I don’t really like wearing lip gloss or lipstick, I’m more of a chap stick person lol but I did use a light pink lipstick here. I’m also not a big fan of putting a whole lot of foundation on. Just a little bit of foundation is all I use. You are still able to see some of the marks I have on my face but they are not as visible as if I didn’t have any foundation on at all.

Always use a face primer before putting any makeup on if you want it to be long-lasting!



Eyebrow Powders- Amazon

NYX Face Primer- Ulta





Maybelline Fit Me Foundation- any local drug store

Essence Mascara- Ulta

Pink Topaz Mineral Lip Gloss- Ulta





Eyeshadow Palette- Ulta

First row, last color                              Third row,  last color                      Fourth row, 4 over




















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